Campfire Chats with Isabel

Join the Center’s Editorial Content Intern, Isabel Crews, as she interviews folks from around South Carolina about all three pillars of sustainability. The intention of this podcast is to encourage people to learn more about these topics, listen in, and start new discussions within their community.

Episode 1: Click here to read the corresponding article and bio for Dr. Wanda K. Ebright.

Conscious Corner with Vanity

This podcast serves as a vocal link from the pillars of sustainability to social justice, facilitated by the host Vanity Reid Deterville, a previous intern and alumni at the College of Charleston. In this series, Vanity engages in a discourse on an array of topics ranging from identity politics to environmental responsibility and discussing with students, local experts, and community members to ensure access and understanding to the students and faculty at the College of Charleston and the Lowcountry beyond the college walls.

Episode Guides: Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 Episode 6

Social Sustainability Podcast

This podcast is a series on social sustainability issues. The first episode is an introduction to social sustainability, exploring how social issues play a role in sustainability and how they connect to environmental issues. The following podcasts are focused on specific topics like sexuality, gender, mental illnesses, and more. Each episode will include around three or four interviews from people with direct experience with these issues.

Sustainable Spotlight Podcast

Our Sustainable Spotlight Series highlights social and environmental activists and influencers in the Charleston area. So sit back and relax while these influential experts take you down the long road of endless knowledge.

SustainabiliTEA Podcast

Get ready for some tea and a chat! The SustainabliTEA podcast focuses on a sustainable project at the Office of Sustainability or in the Charleston community while we drink some delicious tea.


Tanner Glaze

Podcast Host & Curator, Fall 2017 – Fall 2018
Tanner is a Psychology major at the College of Charleston. Tanner originally started at the Office of Sustainability as a partnership intern with Lowcountry Street Grocery (LSG). LSG is a mobile farmers’ market that brings fresh local produce to communities in need. After her time with LSG, Tanner created a podcast program at the Office of Sustainability. She has created three different series of podcasts: Social Sustainability Podcasts, Sustainable Spotlight, and Sustainabilitea. Tanner is currently working on a new project with the office’s Marketing Team creating videos on personal sustainability. Her videos can be found on the synergies video page.


Vanity Reid Deterville

Podcast Host & Curator, Spring 2019 – 2020
Vanity Reid Deterville studied Political Science concentrating in Public Policy at the College of Charleston and a native of Charleston, SC. She has dedicated her time as an activist to LGBTQ initiatives and populations throughout the Lowcountry experiencing housing and food instability through the outreach of “We Are Family,” an organization dedicated to LBGTQ youth here in Charleston, with the collaboration of The College of Charleston Joseph P. Riley Center for Livable Communities and the administration of the “Charleston YOUth Count”. She believes that tradition has sometimes maintained a restrictive stronghold on southern families and queer youth of color. As a new Facilitator of the “Transformative Teaching Collective”, she is an advocate of restorative justice, the art for social change, and the implementation of the appropriate change necessary for inclusive and progressive thinking, to provide support and professional development for marginalized communities like the LGBTQ community and communities of color. With the work she has done with the Eastside Community Development Corporation she is a steadfast activist for equitable and accessible housing for marginalized communities in Peninsular Charleston, SC.


Isabel Crews

Podcast Host & Curator, Summer 2020-Present
Isabel Crews is a junior at the College studying International Studies, French, and Communication. Her endeavors with Zero Waste at her high school and her passion for sustainability led her to the Center for Sustainable Development, where she volunteered as a Bonner Leader Assistant. After learning more about the office and collaborating on various Zero Waste events and projects, she returned for a second semester as a Zero Waste Outreach Intern for Spring 2020 and then took the role of Editorial Content Intern during the Summer of 2020. As the current Communications Intern, where she conducts interviews, writes articles, manages the Center’s Instagram, and puts together the CSD’s Resilient Advocate, she hopes to continue learning about sustainability and coordinating events to educate and engage the greater campus community. She also hopes to inspire others to live sustainably and get involved in the campus community and the Charleston community. Outside of her involvement at the Center for Sustainable Development, Isabel spends her time volunteering with Bonner, discussing social justice, writing articles for Her Campus, exploring Charleston with her friends, and biking throughout the city.