Transformation Yoga and Healing the Collective 

Article: Jayla Burton

While there is something especially powerful about uplifting Black voices during Black History Month, it is mutually agreed that we as a collective should be uplifting marginalized communities year round. The lovely humans over at Transformation Yoga excel in making sure everyone, regardless of race, gender, body size, sexual orientation, class, religion, body disabilities or abilities, are seen and validated through the sacred practice of yoga. As stated on their website, “We envision a world where we witness people in the intersection of their identities and stack for equity until all beings are free. We are a brave community centering the essential lives of those forced to the margins, underserved and underrepresented.” 


So What Exactly is Transformation Yoga? 

Transformation Yoga is a group of community leaders located on Kusso Land (Charleston, South Carolina) who aim to use Yoga as a form of collective healing. Through this, they hope to cultivate a world where people shamelessly accept and embrace their identities and find inner peace with themselves. 


Why Should We Care? 

In a changing world where people are becoming more receptive to Black voices and the Black experience, it is just as important to support Black people along the way. This includes the support of Black businesses. Along with this, Transformation Yoga goes above and beyond to make sure their studio provides clients with a healing experience through including everyone, regardless of who they are and where they come from. 


Transformation Yoga not only encourages healing, but they enforce activism along the way. They do not shy away from acknowledging the fact that many yogic practices are westernized and white washed. So in turn, through the use of sacred yogic texts, they are educated on the origins of yoga and ensure their clients are well informed as well. Along with bringing awareness to the struggle of Black and brown communities, they make it known that their business is being run on Kusso land in order to commemorate Native Americans.  


What Does This Have to Do With Sustainability?

The three pillars of sustainability are social, economic, and environmental; and one cannot simultaneously exist without the other. The social component of sustainability requires we nurture ourselves, mentally and physically, as well as our community. As we actively try to heal the world around us, we cannot forget to heal our world within. Yoga Guide Lauren Kelly believes herself, “one cannot consider themselves being well unless they consider all of their identity aspects; mind, body and spirit.” When we find inner peace and healing within, this energy flows to those around us and dances through the rest of our community. 


Where Can We Find Them? 

You can find out more about Transformation Yoga by visiting their website. Underneath their “Offering” tab is where you can schedule and book an appointment. They are located on 218 King Street in Charleston South Carolina (Kusso land). To find out more information about their studio and their objectives, their number is (843)695-9688. 


It is important to remember that we as a nation cannot heal and move forward from the atrocities of America’s past if we are not taking the time to fix our inner wounds. Businesses like Transformation Yoga that strive to encourage collective healing are essential if we ever want to move forward as a society and into a place of peace and interconnectedness.

Cover Photo by @whysure on Instagram 

About the author: Jayla Burton is the CSD’s Diversity and Inclusion Initiatives Intern for Spring 2021.