Conscious Corner Episode 2 – Leaving Your Mark: Unifying Students through the Lens of Entrepreneurship

Leadership in an effort to celebrate the “otherness” of students here on campus is something that’s critical to the diversity of the student body. As an organization that prides itself on strengthening the self-love a student has for themself, Collegiate Curls is committed to being the voice of multicultural students through positive means of uplift. Today we talk to national founder, Courtney Hicks. Courtney briefly touches on the pushback received from those who fail to see the value in celebrating the culture and hair of people of color. She also discusses what drives her to continue to mobilize students in such a special way. Courtney is a natural hair care guru, a brand ambassador and is a recent graduate from the College of Charleston. She now is working in Public Relations and Media in the rebranding efforts of the Avery Research Center.  You can follow Courtney on Instagram @courtney_hi Below is an attached link for the Collegiate Curls website. Feel free to check out their services or donate to the cause: