What is different about how a “Green Office” works?

Now that we are back on campus, it’s time to get your department Green Office Certified! Team up with the Center for Sustainable Development to help in creating a more sustainable campus.


The Green Office Certification Program supports the College’s campus sustainability goals by providing Faculty, Staff, and Students with the knowledge and resources to integrate social inclusion and environmental consciousness within working spaces. Offices are evaluated on six areas: Waste, Energy, Water, Human Health & Environmental Quality, Involvement, and Accessibility. A Green Office Certification is an excellent way for your office to show its commitment to conservation and meeting the Carbon Neutral by 2050 and Zero Waste by 2025 goals.


Participating offices will have a Sustainability Ambassador who volunteers to be the point of contact between the Green Office Certification Program and their office. Working with the Center for Sustainable Development contact, they ensure completion of an office checklist, individual Self-Assessment Surveys for each employee, and a waste audit. The office then receives a Gold, Silver, or Bronze Certified award based on their assessment result. Offices are encouraged to continually improve to be recertified to reach the next level.


Currently, we have eight offices that are Green Office Certified, and we are always looking for more offices to expand this program further around campus!


For more information on how to get your office certified and become a Sustainability Ambassador, go to the Green Office Certification Program, or fill out the interest form to get started. 


For any questions, contact the Fall 2021 Green Office Intern, Jennifer Mills, at millsjl@g.cofc.edu.


Cover photo by fauxels from Pexels.