Conscious Corner Episode 5 – Navigating Life as a Transgender Individual in the Era of Trump

In this episode of Conscious Corner, Vanity chooses to relate the content of the episode specifically to her existence as a transgender woman of color. She notes that within the LGBTQ community, transgender women of color disproportionately face more violence than others in the community and the alarming homicide rates of these women prove that statement. From the rising rates of hate crimes and hate group activities tracked by the Southern Poverty Law Center to the Trump Transgender Military Ban to the murders of transgender women of color, Vanity highlights the nature of repeating violence. In honor of June being pride month, and acknowledging that Pride was the result of resistance of brutality by Transgender women of color, she recognizes the transgender women who had their lives stripped away in the United States in 2018 and 2019. Check out this Human Rights Campaign link to get descriptions on the individuals lost at the hands of violence. Also, be sure to Check out the Southern Poverty Law Center for more hate crime statistics: