Amplifying Voices of Black Scientists through Instagram

Written by Jen Jones with support from Meghan Nuttall


I am, admittedly, pretty new to Instagram. Being from the “Facebook” generation. Yes, I had an account back when only “approved” universities were allowed on it and I sometimes struggle with the “why” of the newer social media platforms. Facebook HAS pictures, so why do we need Instagram?


However, in my ever-necessary attempts at staying relevant with my students despite my inevitable change into the kind of adult who remarks on “THE YOUTHS,” I’ve recently given Instagram a try. One of my favorite types of accounts that I’ve come to really enjoy are those specifically aimed at highlighting and amplifying the voices of black scientists to combat the stereotype that a scientist = Albert Einstein and no one else.


So as we round out Black History Month and start to think about how we can continue to take that same energy and focus into other months, I wanted to share some of my favorite Instagram accounts. After all, “Black history” is really just “history” and should not be relegated solely to February.


CSD intern Meghan Nuttall and I provide some descriptive details about these accounts below. We hope this proves helpful and ends with you following at least one of these accounts!



We love this account because it shows all the really great research and efforts that black scientists are doing to support our Earth’s ocean ecosystems. They even featured CofC Graduate Program in Marine Biology alum, Robin Garcia, and her illuminating research with oysters on the eastern shore. Meghan says “you can really learn a lot from this account.”


Dexter Patterson is SO PASSIONATE about birding and his sun-shiny personality makes you just want to be out there birding with him. “I don’t really like birds,” Meghan said. “But he makes me want to give them a second look.”


Corina Newsome takes nature and makes it exciting! She’s always visiting unique and cool places and showing off some of the world’s animal treasures. Meghan says “You can tell she really likes being outside.”

About the authors:


Meghan works as the Sustainability Specialist from the REACH program with the Center for Sustainable Development. She’s been a part of the team since the beginning of the spring semester.


Jen works as the Associate Director for Student Engagement at the CSD. In her free time she likes to teach dance and yoga.


Cover photo by Oladimeji Ajegbile from Pexels.

Other images taken from Instagram.